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About Janeiro Tour & Travel

Janeiro Tour & Travel started when I was still studying tourism when I still lived in the city of Nova Iguaçu where I was raised and borned I always wanted to combine all my passions: history, travel, meeting people, dance, music and hiking. I became a tour guide in 2014. So, I was able to take the best part of each experience and create my own Agency. We provide experiences from small groups to big groups A true pleasure in every way, we enjoy spending time spreading knowledge about history, gastronomy, cultural and helping people and giving them the best travel insights.We help you plan your entire trip not only in Rio de Janeiro but in other cities like Salvador, Foz do Iguaçu & Recife. We customize your itinerary (day by day) according to your demands, from your arrival at the airport to your cultural experiences, tickets and guidance about the city.

Why Janeiro Tour & Travel ?

“Janeiro” comes from the month of “January”, the month that opens the year and is always the beginning of a new cycle of experiences that also matches the name of the city that I am passionate about, that obviously is Rio de Janeiro.


My main goal in the Janeiro Tour and Travel to help you plan your trip and eliminate the stress of planning a trip and the unknown by providing the information you need to enjoy your trip and at the same time can be at a place travel knowledge having a cultural immersion where you can have me as your guide/friend and the
knowledge you can learn from. My intention with this project is to show you Brazil through cultural experiences and learning from my perspective. Welcome to Janeiro Tour & Travel .

About Dandara Siqueira, The Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro

Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Dandara. I speak Portuguese (native language), Spanish, English and even a few words of German. I am business student, tour guide, travel agent and author of the contents of the Janeiro Tour & Travel blog and YouTube videos. I love meeting people and exchanging cultural and travel experiences. I’ve been a tour guide since 2014, I started the Janeiro Tour & Travel in a project in my city called Nova Iguaçu promoting excursions for the locals to get to know Rio de Janeiro and city surroundings. My idea always was to make the people from my city feel the same sensations of traveling , discovering and learning. I used to have these short excursions happening between my days off of tour guiding while I used to be a tour guide in traditional receptive tourism in Rio de Janeiro. As I became known in my city and surroundings, my work also became known in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I’ve participated in several workshops over the years to refresh my knowledge and follow my readings on different aspects of Brazilian culture. I try to bring that to the experience of course with my fun and spontaneous essence.I love sharing experiences with different people and I always end up making new friends after a day at work and I’m super happy about that. The content of Janeiro Tour & Travel is growing and migrating to other cities with other partners who share the same ideas and are inspired by the profession. For my contribution to the city of Rio de Janeiro, I received recognition from the city hall on the National Tourism Guide Day in 2022 through an
official letter delivered by the councilor of Rio de Janeiro. I have also received many reviews on TripAdvisor and the Travel Awards in 2022, I participated in an UncleBrazil Podcast and I have also been mentioned on other sites. Finally, thank you for being here. I’m looking forward to meeting you 🙂

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